Cough, Cold,
and Flu Medicines

Check out Boiron's entire line of cough, cold, and flu products to keep your family healthy all year long!

Which Medicine is Best for You?


Flu-Like Symptoms

Oscillococcinum temporarily relieves flu-like symptoms such as aches, fever, and fatigue.


Cold Relief

ColdCalm temporarily relieves sneezing, runny nose, and other cold symptoms.*

Chestal® Honey

Cough & Chest Congestion

Chestal Honey temporarily relieves dry and productive coughs.*


Cold & Cough

Chestal Cold & Cough temporarily relieves coughs and common cold symptoms.*


Sinus Relief

SinusCalm temporarily relieves nasal congestion, sinus pain, and headache.*

ThroatCalm® Tablets

Sore Throat Relief

ThroatCalm temporarily relieves minor sore throat and hoarseness.*

ThroatCalm Spray

Sore Throat Relief

ThroatCalm Spray temporarily relieves minor sore throat pain.†

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